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Comedy blues

I have heartburn.

metaforically and literally.

which. When you think about it. Sucks both ways huh?


This week is INSANE

no complaining tho.......

So. What to do what to do. lover boy is in love with me. And he said it is becaus ei play har dto get and i am myserious" oh brother. here we go again. I was like " you can't like me, you dont even know me. Lets build a foundation first before you jump into something you dont know about" its not that i hate him. He's just him. Dont really know what to say to that. He just needs a good fixing like wes does. Whos going to do it. Dare i not say I

lala. im Freeezing. cause im in shorts and a t-shirt and everyone knows being in shorts and t-shirt in my house is like a hypothermia nation. Bad idea.

so. my hands are about to Freeeeeze off.

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