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How long has it been now? You should've got the hint I wanted more..

I feel So sick. Its been going on a while, But i just can't get rid of it. I never really take care of myself. So that would explain alot of it. I dont have time now-a-days. I had basketball and then the play adn then homework and all the other stuff, I just didnt come first.

It seems like everyone is comming together.. NOt jus because its around the lovey dovey time of year. Its just like that.
Ian and mal. -not mal and ian
Emma and Josh
Kalii and adam
Kate and stevennn
So, at lunch the other day jason told me allabout sean, and his older brother kyle and all these people in his family. I dont remember his last name. But he says he's a senior so forget that possibilty.
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