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So, life just is one cynical day after another in Vermont...

Alas, who cares. 

So today was a better day then before, jason has decided that since me and mally are close he's going to vent though me. I dont mind it, we're getting closer so its still good.

I kept feeling horrible because when mal and jase broke up i felt like it was a repeat between me and fuck face. But we never "went out" so we wern't together. Even though he though we were.  Dont two peopel have to agree on that before it actually happens! But it felt like that. Like we were so close and then BAM "i fucking love another girl." It was worse tho, because he didn't even tell me. God i really hate him. And so i felt like it was like that. They worked so hard to gain their friendship and make it grow stronger and then after mally broke up with him it fell apart. And I kept hoping they would keep it together because i love them both dearly, So they talked on teh phone. And now they are going to be fine because he realized that she was just his best friend. But you dont see him going off and fucking giving him self up to some random girl. Grr. That was so stupidd

Thats my imput on that situation.

i just want to casually meet. Right. Easy shmeeezie</p>

 Oh Brother...  i wish.

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that last paragraph made me laugh. i especially liek the part "im such a frickin idiot" and "easy shmeeeezie"


as for the other stuff. ff is a total ff.
god. when i think about all the stuff. and like. ahhhh. i wanna kill him for what he did to you. and what he is STILL doing. but then, i still wanna be good friends with him. whatever.

and no, its def not stalkign becus.....he's hott! duh.

i will have to take your pre-planned route (as shown in diagram) to "meet up" with your lovah.

tootles bookie-kinzz.

<3 emma