bronze skin and cinnamin tansss (i_heart_abbis) wrote,
bronze skin and cinnamin tansss

Randi is a geniouysss

The only reason i am updating is because i love one of my friends who happens to love reqading about my life.
IM updating for her.

So today was good, i felt down a handicapped ramp and slip all teh way down on my ass. It was the way we people do it with the handicapped problems. Tres hott.

School was booooring like usual nothing exciting, lots of juicy new gossip. And El and steve and over which is sad...and other stuff..
Saw annie and Aidan making out ( i think) yesterday. That was a shocker. I really miss him. But apparently he is all fine with his little snookums. ugg.

Theres nothing more thats happenning. So. Its all really boring.

catch yaa
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