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tie dye trees

Everyone is really cool.

Im so happy to be home and see everyone its nuts.

I hate guys and dolls so much. omg its soo gay. I dont even know why im the in play. We go on stageg like 5 times. and dance liek 2 OMG cool. wow. its fucking shitty.

katie got her braces off. :-) shes going to look beautiful. I'll be restraining myself from making a scene about how nice her teeth look.

im really cold still.

and everything is awe-ka-ward.
But thats the way it has to be sometimes right?!

yeahh yeah....
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everyone is gonna talk about my braces.....

adsghasgfhsdlkghsdgkhasdfg;klhsd;glhsd;gkhsd;lghsdg thats how i feel about that.


and i totally agree with the stupid guys and dolls. that play sucks. yes it does.

zippidy doo da
zippidy day.
my oh my what a wonderful day.