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Vaca is almost over.

Time to start it again.

The cruise was good. IM not going to go on about it. Im pretty tan and its freeeezing up here in vermont. Now i know why i hate it.

I got a 35 on my math test the day before vacation. I have no idea what i am doing in that class a 35 oh god. Or history. I think i just might drop history. Eloise should too cause she's just as lost. Seriously. If anyone has any idea whats happening in that class tell me. Because im going to fail. Failing is bad.

there is no food in my house what so ever.
Rick ate it all while we were away inclding the chinese.

who does that.


1) How could you do that.

2) I wish I could get deeper. Open up to you.

3) Time can only tell.

4) Dramatizing limabeans. We'll never really be back.
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