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BAY BOY<><><><><><><>><<><>>

Live journal is really cool.

I've decided that beacuse you can't really use it like your real journal.
I could go off about how i was really annoyed with katie and lucas this week and jordan, but then that would make them feel bad.

Or i couldn't go talk about how emma is so gorgy and how mallory's hair is really ugly.

That would just upset people.
ITs point-less.

Kalii is in maine now.

I wrote her ex lover Kody a note about how we are alot a like. I really love him. Kalii is really cool.

Right now. Karen is here. Getting ready to clean our already anal immmmactualte house. EW
last night mom and steve were like fucking. it was NASTY. i was ike god,cant you do this without me in the house. Seriously it was so gross. haha.

You all really wanted to know that.

I have a game today, at Randolf. This GAY school. Man i really dont like them. There really bad at feild hockey and like every sport, even tho we are worse ( our b ball team) So. SO SO SO SO SO i reallllly dont want to go. But ther are only like 4 more days left int he season so i have to. So i might as well enjoy it with julia haha.

So. this is borrring./
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