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  God this day just keeps getting better huh huhuh! grr.  All i wanted to do was watch RENT with aidan when it came out on film. thats fucking it. god. and now...this is what happened.

PInk is me

Purple is fuck face


oh, i didn't know that, I'll def. have to buy it, idk, maybe, the thing is I'm really busy and so is annie, so we take any chance possible to hang out, and it might be kinda awkward, but maybe 

 Its ok. It dosen't have to be soon or anything. Just, nevermind. You think its awkward, it wouln't be anything you know.

yea I know, but its sort of dating etiquette to not ya know spend aloone time with an ex, know what I mean, I mean, It sounds like fun and I would want to, but its not smart

Wait, an ex. What do you mean? Just because we used to be so close, now you canm't hang out with me. I dont know what Im saying. I never shoudl have asked it. Sorry.

you are essentially an ex, maybe nothing was ever official, but there is nothing denying it, and no, we can still hang out, just not the two of us alone, know what I'm saying, its completely reasonable

 It is reasonable. I know. I know. I mean , it wasn't anything offical, Yea, we were there emotionally, but physically no. And yes. You were like one of the most important people in the world to me. And i guess you could say that were not the same now. So i understand. I didn't know what I was doing, i just. oh forget it.

well I'm glad you understand, you could say that we aren't the same now, you just what? though


theres more. we just havent typed it yet . ITs all in the fucking making. just dandy huh.

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