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This ain't nothing but a summer jam [entries|friends|calendar]
bronze skin and cinnamin tansss

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[16 Dec 2006|11:20am]
I am writing for old times sake
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Summers hereeee [16 Jun 2006|12:16pm]
[ mood | energetic ]


time to start LJ AGAINNNN

leaving for NH today at 1. untill sunday.

going to go to RYANS grad party, ones with like 30 iother 18 year old boys.


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[03 Jun 2006|11:11am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Im thinking of deleting my lj

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[02 Jun 2006|05:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

you are reading this :-DDDDDDDDDD

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pppoemm [22 Mar 2006|07:13pm]
[ mood | sick ]

A simple complication
was all he desired
with words danced apon the stairway
spinning out through wild fires
Ravaging through the memories
his advances pull him back
when she spat the words of chaos
mixed with decisions that you lacked
he covered the face of the clocks
told himself to dissemble the time
replacing the shattered peices
she hasn't mended the once renewable prime.

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Comedy blues [13 Mar 2006|09:18pm]
[ mood | content ]

I have heartburn.

metaforically and literally.

which. When you think about it. Sucks both ways huh?


This week is INSANE

no complaining tho.......

So. What to do what to do. lover boy is in love with me. And he said it is becaus ei play har dto get and i am myserious" oh brother. here we go again. I was like " you can't like me, you dont even know me. Lets build a foundation first before you jump into something you dont know about" its not that i hate him. He's just him. Dont really know what to say to that. He just needs a good fixing like wes does. Whos going to do it. Dare i not say I

lala. im Freeezing. cause im in shorts and a t-shirt and everyone knows being in shorts and t-shirt in my house is like a hypothermia nation. Bad idea.

so. my hands are about to Freeeeeze off.


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ring rang rabbit. [10 Mar 2006|05:43pm]
[ mood | busy ]

My legs feel like they are going to fall of the world.

Rugby is one of the best sports i have ever played and me and katie are totally kick ass with are nice hott MOVES.

its a toal butch sport. WITH SEAN my love to end all loves.

we really nmeed to brain storm some guys for me..evern tho we all know im not that good at brain storming......haha.


please im willing for annnything.

lala. going to a hipnotist show tonight wah hooo

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tie dye trees [07 Mar 2006|03:17pm]
[ mood | i dont really have a mood. I ]

Everyone is really cool.

Im so happy to be home and see everyone its nuts.

I hate guys and dolls so much. omg its soo gay. I dont even know why im the in play. We go on stageg like 5 times. and dance liek 2 OMG cool. wow. its fucking shitty.

katie got her braces off. :-) shes going to look beautiful. I'll be restraining myself from making a scene about how nice her teeth look.

im really cold still.

and everything is awe-ka-ward.
But thats the way it has to be sometimes right?!

yeahh yeah....

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pocketbook pajamas [06 Mar 2006|11:30am]
Vaca is almost over.

Time to start it again.

The cruise was good. IM not going to go on about it. Im pretty tan and its freeeezing up here in vermont. Now i know why i hate it.

I got a 35 on my math test the day before vacation. I have no idea what i am doing in that class a 35 oh god. Or history. I think i just might drop history. Eloise should too cause she's just as lost. Seriously. If anyone has any idea whats happening in that class tell me. Because im going to fail. Failing is bad.

there is no food in my house what so ever.
Rick ate it all while we were away inclding the chinese.

who does that.


1) How could you do that.

2) I wish I could get deeper. Open up to you.

3) Time can only tell.

4) Dramatizing limabeans. We'll never really be back.
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Let me know that you love me... [20 Feb 2006|05:48pm]
[ mood | I dont really have feelings. ]

I've been feeling really sad suddenly.
Im not quite sure why. I mean, its not over aidan anymore and its not because of anything else. I should be feeling really happy. Im leaving for my cruise soon and everythings going fine. I just dont know whats wrong. Maybe its beause im the only one who actually does know. I haven't really told anything about anything now adays. I mean, i want to, but they might not want to hear about aidan anymore, and my life, haven't i already toutured them enough?

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Malfunction. Malfunction. Shes having a break down... [16 Feb 2006|09:08pm]
[ mood | frustrated and upset. ]


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How long has it been now? You should've got the hint I wanted more.. [15 Feb 2006|11:21am]
[ mood | grateful ]

I feel So sick. Its been going on a while, But i just can't get rid of it. I never really take care of myself. So that would explain alot of it. I dont have time now-a-days. I had basketball and then the play adn then homework and all the other stuff, I just didnt come first.

It seems like everyone is comming together.. NOt jus because its around the lovey dovey time of year. Its just like that.
Ian and mal. -not mal and ian
Emma and Josh
Kalii and adam
Kate and stevennn
So, at lunch the other day jason told me allabout sean, and his older brother kyle and all these people in his family. I dont remember his last name. But he says he's a senior so forget that possibilty.

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BAY BOY<><><><><><><>><<><>> [11 Feb 2006|10:39am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Live journal is really cool.

I've decided that beacuse you can't really use it like your real journal.
I could go off about how i was really annoyed with katie and lucas this week and jordan, but then that would make them feel bad.

Or i couldn't go talk about how emma is so gorgy and how mallory's hair is really ugly.

That would just upset people.
ITs point-less.

Kalii is in maine now.

I wrote her ex lover Kody a note about how we are alot a like. I really love him. Kalii is really cool.

Right now. Karen is here. Getting ready to clean our already anal immmmactualte house. EW
last night mom and steve were like fucking. it was NASTY. i was ike god,cant you do this without me in the house. Seriously it was so gross. haha.

You all really wanted to know that.

I have a game today, at Randolf. This GAY school. Man i really dont like them. There really bad at feild hockey and like every sport, even tho we are worse ( our b ball team) So. SO SO SO SO SO i reallllly dont want to go. But ther are only like 4 more days left int he season so i have to. So i might as well enjoy it with julia haha.

So. this is borrring./

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I love her. [10 Feb 2006|11:12pm]
[ mood | Happy and tired... ]

i just had An hour talk with Kalii and her ex boy friend KODY

man i love them alot. Im totally serious. I really do. I am so happy me and kalii are friends.

Today was good. School went by greatly and then Me and Mally went back to mals house and our moms had a little meeting.

ahh, i dont really feel liek updating now...i'll write tommorow.

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blagghh-ditty-ditty-blagh-blaagh [08 Feb 2006|08:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

So, life just is one cynical day after another in Vermont...

Alas, who cares. 

So today was a better day then before, jason has decided that since me and mally are close he's going to vent though me. I dont mind it, we're getting closer so its still good.

I kept feeling horrible because when mal and jase broke up i felt like it was a repeat between me and fuck face. But we never "went out" so we wern't together. Even though he though we were.  Dont two peopel have to agree on that before it actually happens! But it felt like that. Like we were so close and then BAM "i fucking love another girl." It was worse tho, because he didn't even tell me. God i really hate him. And so i felt like it was like that. They worked so hard to gain their friendship and make it grow stronger and then after mally broke up with him it fell apart. And I kept hoping they would keep it together because i love them both dearly, So they talked on teh phone. And now they are going to be fine because he realized that she was just his best friend. But you dont see him going off and fucking giving him self up to some random girl. Grr. That was so stupidd

Thats my imput on that situation.

i just want to casually meet. Right. Easy shmeeezie</p>

 Oh Brother...  i wish.

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[06 Feb 2006|08:10pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

  God this day just keeps getting better huh huhuh! grr.  All i wanted to do was watch RENT with aidan when it came out on film. thats fucking it. god. and now...this is what happened.

PInk is me

Purple is fuck face


oh, i didn't know that, I'll def. have to buy it, idk, maybe, the thing is I'm really busy and so is annie, so we take any chance possible to hang out, and it might be kinda awkward, but maybe 

 Its ok. It dosen't have to be soon or anything. Just, nevermind. You think its awkward, it wouln't be anything you know.

yea I know, but its sort of dating etiquette to not ya know spend aloone time with an ex, know what I mean, I mean, It sounds like fun and I would want to, but its not smart

Wait, an ex. What do you mean? Just because we used to be so close, now you canm't hang out with me. I dont know what Im saying. I never shoudl have asked it. Sorry.

you are essentially an ex, maybe nothing was ever official, but there is nothing denying it, and no, we can still hang out, just not the two of us alone, know what I'm saying, its completely reasonable

 It is reasonable. I know. I know. I mean , it wasn't anything offical, Yea, we were there emotionally, but physically no. And yes. You were like one of the most important people in the world to me. And i guess you could say that were not the same now. So i understand. I didn't know what I was doing, i just. oh forget it.

well I'm glad you understand, you could say that we aren't the same now, you just what? though


theres more. we just havent typed it yet . ITs all in the fucking making. just dandy huh.

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Randi is a geniouysss [04 Jan 2006|05:49pm]
The only reason i am updating is because i love one of my friends who happens to love reqading about my life.
IM updating for her.

So today was good, i felt down a handicapped ramp and slip all teh way down on my ass. It was the way we people do it with the handicapped problems. Tres hott.

School was booooring like usual nothing exciting, lots of juicy new gossip. And El and steve and over which is sad...and other stuff..
Saw annie and Aidan making out ( i think) yesterday. That was a shocker. I really miss him. But apparently he is all fine with his little snookums. ugg.

Theres nothing more thats happenning. So. Its all really boring.

catch yaa
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hey [26 Dec 2005|11:36am]
christmas was good.

i got lot-o stuff.

Leaving wednesday after my u-32 game for NH with emma. it should be fun..or at least we'll make it fun.

no one updates anymore. I guess no one has time.
I do.
I hate vacations. there really stupid and a waste of time. At least I can read all my books i got for x-mas!Ya.
im bored.
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Oh boy [08 Nov 2005|05:49pm]
Well, now that feild hockey is over and I have a short week left of my free time before basketball, i might as well write.
Its not like anyone ever checks these things now a days so i might as well write in it.

Life is boring, but im not complaining.
Its just blagh.

Date with aidan this weekend (as friends)
that will be something.

Mally is staying with me all weekend too. So that will be lovly.
i'll stop being dumb.,
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waa hooo [03 Nov 2005|08:03pm]
This is great. lj re-do
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